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Doing Business With Us

Business Partners

We welcome your interest in the Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM). We are a world-wide $2 billion plus chain of retail stores, hotels, offering a wide variety of services as well as the Navy Uniform program and Ships Store program.

We look forward to doing business with you!

This site provides valuable information for both prospective and current contractors and vendors. To learn more about how to do business with NEXCOM, please review the Vendor Guide section. Prospective and current suppliers will find additional information in the Corporate Contracts, Merchandising Division, and Traffic Department sections. You may email questions on procurement policy to: Procurement Policy

Procurement Policy Related Documents

Notification Procedures for Breach of PII

Safeguarding Personal Information

Incidents of personal data loss involving both government and commercial entities continue to occur. Accordingly, the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of the Navy (DoN) have taken action to mitigate these losses, such as training all DoD and DoN personnel on basic DoD Privacy Act compliance requirements. DoD and DoN have added the requirement that all who do business with DoD and DoN (including all contractors and vendors) understand that:

  1. The collection of personal data is limited under the Privacy Act (5 U.S.C. 552A) to information relevant and necessary to accomplish a DoD/DoN purpose set forth in Law or regulation, and that dissemination of personal data except with consent of individual involved is prohibited;

  2. The willful disclosure of personal information, unless authorized by applicable law or regulation, is subject to criminal prosecution; and;

  3. Contractors/vendors and their employees are stewards of personal information in their possession and that they have an affirmative responsibility to ensure personal information is collected, maintained, used, and disseminated only as allowed by applicable law or regulation, and for continually safeguarding such information (i.e., treating and protecting as if their own).

A business partner (contractor, vendor, and all employees, representatives, subcontractors, etc.), that conducts official business in any capacity with NEXCOM involving receiving or obtaining information subject to safeguarding requirements of the Privacy Act, shall ensure full compliance with the Privacy Act at all times. For additional guidance, see the DoN Privacy Act Office website .

Disclosure Statement

Only designated NEXCOM officials can make commitments to do business with a commercial entity on behalf of NEXCOM and the Navy Exchange System. Such commitments must be written agreements (generally in the form of a contract or purchase order that may be issued or transmitted electronically. You are hereby advised that informal exchanges of information including meetings, discussions, requests for information. etc., do not bind NEXCOM or individual Navy Exchange components, until a valid written agreement is issued by a NEXCOM or NES official delegated authority to do so. Any action taken by a commercial entity as result of such informal discussions will be solely at the entity's risk and expense.

Base Access

The process gaining access to Naval installations presently varies by region. Please contact local Navy Exchange Loss Prevention/Safety Office for assistance.