Eat Drink Be Scary
Hey there, “boos and ghouls!” Time is flying and fall is upon us! Are you ready for the cool fall evenings? Even though the world may still look a bit different this year, there is still plenty of fright-night fun to have! Are you ready to eat, drink, and be scary? Let’s bring the fun festivities right to your yard! How does an intimate fall themed or haunted Halloween world sound? Fun costumes or themes can always add an extra layer of flair…so either way you can’t go wrong! You can have a “spooktacular” time with some fun décor, games, treats, and entertainment!

Light it up

Dusk will sneak up on you earlier as we approach autumn, so don’t forget the lights! Outdoor string lights are always a hit and can tune up the ambience for sure. Add a dash of style by illuminating your driveway or walkways with fun lanterns or solar powered landscape lights. You can even dust off those leftover tiki torches from summertime and light ‘em up!

Space it out

Create intentional space around your yard by setting up separate stations for games. Think about spreading out a variety of yard games, set up a fun backdrop for a selfie station, or create a pumpkin carving station. Make sure you to have a sanitizing station for each activity as well. Grab your corn-hole partner and let the games begin!

Sweeten it up

Don’t skimp on the sweets and treats! Why not make your own goodie bags? Grab ALL the candy and goodies from the NEX. You can make your own spooky treats ahead of time for your guests. If you want to make it festive, you can decorate plastic storage bags or make fun tags for them.

Layer it on

Autumn nights can be chilly depending on where you’re stationed. Be sure to dress comfortably for the fall weather festivities. Layer…layer… layer! Tees, tights or leggings, long sleeve shirts, and sweatshirts can all be layered for a festive outfit and allow you to dress for changing temperatures. Don’t forget to grab your beanies and gloves for extra warmth.

Take it to the next level

Want to make the night even more epic? Set up your own outdoor theater using a projector and play your favorite scary movie! Fire up the popcorn machine and the hot chocolate dispenser. Also, load up the cooler or fill your HydroFlasks with a variety of beverages that will quench your thirst. Guests will love a Halloween-themed snack or cocktail! Create your own lawn seating arrangements with benches, camping chairs, gliders, or whatever you have at home. Check out our in-store selections for more cozy seating options that are perfect for outdoors!